The advantages of shouman products

Shouman PE sheets for lining and isolation enjoy the following features:

1- It is manufactured by co-extrusion technology, using hi-tech special machinery with flat die technique.
2- It consists of 5 layers, which makes it with high mechanical proprieties when it comes to
elongation & tensile strength.
3- It is treated with high quality black carbon substance with tiny granules (< 25 nm) , which guarantees
spread and good distribution with an average not less than 2.5% .and that makes it more resistant
to ultra-violet sun rays and consequently endures for long periods.
4- It is conforming to the international standard specification and accredited from the national
research center.

5- It is available in width range (2 to 8 M) in thickness range (200 to 800 micron), in width range
(2.5 to 4 M) in thickness (1mm) and in width (2.5 M) in thickness range (1.5mm to 5mm).
6- It has some types with special features:
• Antistatic PE sheets for spinning and weaving industry, laboratories floors and surgical operating
rooms in hospitals.
• Flame retardant PE sheets to be used in lining laboratories walls and floors. And factories with
special flame retardant nature.
• PE sheets with thickness range (1mm to 14mm) to be used in furniture and different decoration