Polyethylene Applications

1 - Lining of oxidation bonds in sewage stations to avoid contamination of underground water .
2 - Lining of artificial lakes and swimming pools to avoid seepage of water .
3 - Landfill to avoid contamination of underground water .

4 - Lining of artificial lakes for agricultural purposes.
5 - Lining of water reservoirs, HDPE is suitable for lining huge water reservoirs to prevent the
seepage or contamenation of water.
6 -Lining and isolation of tunnels to protect it against the effect of water and humidity
7 - Isolation of water and sewage pipes to avoid the action of humidity on the pipes and protect
it from corrosion .

8 - Lining and isolation of water vessels to avoid water loss and water contamination.
9 - Isolation of foundations and basements to avoid the destructive action of sub-soil water on the
foundations and civil constructions.
10- Roofs protection to avoid the destructive action of rains and water on roofs .
11- Isolation of agricultural soil PE can be used below agricultural soil in saline areas .

12- Mining to avoid the contamination of the soil by action of chemical reagents during extraction
of minerals .
13- Fisher tankes PE is used to line tankes and incubators of eggs and for fish farms .
14- Tannery To line tannery waste treatment ponds .
15- Land dams PE is used for the fixation of soil to keep its balance .