Polyethylene Welding Method

PE welding is made by thermal welding using automatic welding machines through one of these two systems:


In which the welding process takes place as follows:
• Installing the horizontal & vertical insulating sheets so that the overlap distance is not less than
5 cm & is not more than 8 cm.
• The welding starts by using any of the previously mentioned welding systems by entering the
terminals of the insulating material into the welding machine.
• The hot air generates a temperature between 350-650 c which melts the surface of joint of opposite sheets to be intermingled together so that the complete welding between the two opposite
surfaces occurs. The temperature is adjusted according to the type of material used and thickness
as well. pressure is adjusted at the equilibrium of 75 kg / cm



2- Extrusion Welding System

• This method is used to repair any damage which results in a puncture in the insulating surface
or the welding of the tight zones around the pipes & the corners.
• Welding takes place by heating the insulating sheets at the welding zone & the precipitation of
melted PE while passing through the welding machine on the insulating surface. The welding
machine mixes the precipating material on the PE surface to form one surface.