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Agicultural film

Greenhouse covering

Shouman greenhouse film is equipped with high light- penetration technology which allows for planting a wide variety of vegetable crops: (cucumbers – cherry tomatoes – strawberry –green pepper – green peas).

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Soil disinfection film

Co-extruded PE-based film used for disinfecting the soil, protecting the environment and prohibiting destruction of beneficial organisms. Available in solarization or regular film. Also known as fumigation film.

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Soil fumigation film

oil fumigation with methyl bromide or other compounds was used in certain high-value crops to control a wide range of soil borne pests including many root and foliar disease pathogens, plant parasitic nematodes.

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Mulch film

Shouman agricultural mulch film is a thin plastic membrane suitable for planting different types of vegetables and fruits.Covering the soil with mulch film allows for early growth of the crops as well as increasing the productivity of the land.

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Low tunnel film

low-tunnel is a structure taking the shape of a semi-circle to be more suitable for absorption of sun rays and to a great extent prevents wind damage. The tunnel film is well sealed in a way that decreases the temperature loss when renewing air.

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Grapes covering

Co-extruded plastic films produced from high quality materials for covering vineyards. Protect grapes from rain during harvest.

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Banana preservation sacks

Shouman Company produces sacks made of special PE materials to be used for planting banana. The sacks are tied from the top of the plant on the neck and left open from the bottom. This provides a perfectly suitable atmosphere for the plant in terms of temperature and humidity during the winter months from November to January.

Silage film

Silage is a product obtained by storing green feed crops, which have high humidity content, with fermentation under no-air conditions to keep its nutritional value without being spoiled. The process is done by sugar fermentation to produce acids that can increase the feed acidity to the extent that prevents spoilage.

Seedlings sacks

Shouman produces special black sacks made of high quality PE materials to keep the seedlings inside them until they are moved to their permanent places.