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Banana preservation sacks


Shouman Company produces sacks made of special PE materials to be used for planting banana. The sacks are tied from the top of the plant on the neck and left open from the bottom. This provides a perfectly suitable atmosphere for the plant in terms of temperature and humidity during the winter months from November to January.

The sacks have the following advantages:

Increase the rate of early plant maturation by around 15 days.

Increase plant weight by 5 to 10%.

Protects the plant from mechanical harms during growth and harvest .

Maintains homogeneity in the size of the banana in the bunch, thus giving a circular shape which has a higher commercial value.

Perforated sacks with holes diameter about 1 cm are available, the distance between holes is 25 cm provides sufficient aeration for the plant growth.

Available in variable colors: (blue- black/blue).

Provides suitable humidity for the plant (75%) as humidity decreases less than 60% for several hours during the day resulting in leaves drying , crop ruin and fruit cracking . If the humidity increases more than 90%, fungal diseases are spread among the plant.

Perforated sacks provide sufficient aeration for the plant, holes have a diameter of 1 cm and have a distance of 25 cm in between.