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Seedling sacks


Shouman produces special black sacks made of high quality PE materials to keep the seedlings inside them until they are moved to their permanent places.

The sacks are available in variable size and thickness according to customer requirements. Perforated sacks (with holes) are also available which has an advantage of preventing soil spoilage by allowing excess water to leak out of the sacks.

Using seedling sacks inside greenhouses is one of the modern planting techniques which achieves the beneficial goals of establishing an arboretum, which are:

Provide the suitable environmental conditions for seedling reproduction using seeds or vegetation and also distribute the required seedlings inside cities.

Preserve the genetic properties of the plant types aimed for reproduction and produce strong healthy seedlings with excellent genetic properties suitable for the environment and able to withstand climatic conditions in their future permanent places.

Provide care for highly-productive mothers, which are suitable for different environmental conditions and are free from diseases/insects so that they would represent the first base for the distribution and spreading of these good types.

Increase the number of seedlings to cope with the fast growing trend of development in newly-reclaimed lands.

Spread types suitable for the conditions of different area and regulate the reproduction process.

Control the production dates and improve the quality of garden plants.

Provide controllable environmental conditions for experimentation and research purposes in order to find out the ideal methodology for planting and maintaining gardens and arboreta.

The film warms the soil surface, thus increasing the root growth and improving its absorption ability.