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Polyethylene geomembrane

Shouman company is a leading manufacturer of polyethylene based products. With over 34 years of film extrusion and manufacturing expertise and are accredited with IS0 9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 and ISO 18001:2007.
Shouman company are committed to Quality without Compromise.
The company is backed by dedicated and highly qualified technical, product development and production personnel picked for their experience and professionalism to produce high quality geomembranes.

The main purpose of the product is to serve as a barrier protecting various engineering structures against moisture, water, liquids and chemical substances.
Shouman geomembrane is manufactured in fourth basic roll widths 2.5m, 4m , 6m and 8 m. Available in thicknesses ranging from 0.150 mm to 5 mm and are all produced in accordance with international standards.

All of SHOUMAN Plastics geomembranes are fully tested and certified and meet or exceed current American standards (ASTM).