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Greenhouse covering


Shouman greenhouse film is equipped with high light- penetration technology which allows for planting a wide variety of vegetable crops: (cucumbers – cherry tomatoes – strawberry –green pepper – green peas).Shouman greenhouse film has the following advantages :

The film is made of high quality resin along with special additives protecting the film from the harmful effects of UV (ultraviolet) radiation.

The film is made of three layers of special PE structure which enhances the film mechanical properties such as (Tensile strength - Elongation) both longitudinal and transversal.

The film allows high penetration of the rays responsible for the photosynthesis process. This increases the rate of photosynthesis and productivity.

The film helps distribute light homogenously inside the greenhouse.

The film contains special additives that allow the penetration of infrared radiation which increases the temperature inside the greenhouse during the day and also Keeps the thermal energy which provides the plants with appropriate temperature during the night .

The film allows sufficient amount of UV radiation that increases the rate of fruit coloring. Moreover, it increases the ratio of plant growth.

Greenhouse film prevents the existence of white insects.

The film contains special additives to protect it from the harmful effects of pesticides containing sulpher or chlorine.

The film decreases the possibility of plant infection with fungal diseases. Additionally, it decreases the spread of viral diseases and insects because of its ability to prevent harmful UV radiation.

The film exhibits good resistance for high temperature especially at the points of contact with the metal structure of the greenhouse ( 50˚ to 60˚ C ).

The film is provided in variable widths between (3-14 meters) and thicknesses (100-250 microns).

The greenhouse film is durable enough to be used for several seasons with almost the same good quality.

Both the green colored film and the transparent film are available.


The transparent film has various advantages over the colored film:

Early growth and harvest of the crop (10-15 days).

Productivity is higher and could reach the double of the colored greenhouse productivity.

Protection of the plant from the bad effects of frost in winter as it contains infrared absorption additives responsible for keeping the inside temperature of the greenhouse warmer than the outside temperature by (3 – 4) degrees.

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- Clear thermal anti-fog film TDS

- Clear thermal disease control film TDSS

- Clear thermal film TDS

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