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Mulch film


Shouman agricultural mulch film is a thin plastic membrane suitable for planting different types of vegetables and fruits.Covering the soil with mulch film allows for early growth of the crops as well as increasing the productivity of the land.

Shouman mulch film has the following properties:

The film consists of a three layer structure made of special grades of LDPE raw material providing the film with ideal mechanical properties (Tensile strength, Elongation) in relation to longitudinal and transversal, direction.

The mulch film width ranges between 90-120cm and is selected according to the planted crop.

The film thickness ranges between (30-50) micron.

There are different colors of mulch film for variable usages.

It is used to cover the soil surface to protect the plant roots from severe heat and cold weather conditions. Moreover, it keeps soil humidity at appropriate level and keeps fruits such as (strawberries & pumpkins) clean.

The film keeps the homogeneity of soil humidity by preventing vaporization.

The mulch film limits the rising of salts and hence preventing condensation of salts on the soil surface.

It Keeps the shape of the steps uniform.

It Increases the water concentration around the plant by 2-6 times more than the normal concentration in the uncovered lands; therefore increasing the efficiency of the photosynthesis process.

It leads to early growth and increased crop productivity. This is greatly remarkable in the use of pumpkins and aubergines (eggplant) crops. The increase in productivity of cantaloupe is about 25-100%, and in aubergines is about 50-200%.

The following table shows the early growth and percentage of increase in productivity of some vegetables crops when covering the soil surface with Shouman mulch film:

The film warms the soil surface, thus increasing the root growth and improving its absorption ability.


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